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What to Expect

puppy1.pngOur veterinary health care team is committed to provide exceptional client service and pet health care. We offer world class service in our state of the art facility. Our calm and compassionate veterinarians and staff will explain all the procedures your pet undergoes. If your pet requires a procedure with more precise knowledge and experience, our doctors will not hesitate to refer you to a specialist who has completed advanced studies in such areas. Both you and your pet will feel at ease knowing that at Animal Medical Center & Spa, high quality care and great service are our priority.

Time for your pet's routine check-up? A physical exam, stool check and a heart worm antigen test is always included in all of our vaccine packages; pets over 5 year old may also be recommended that they receive annual blood and urine analysis to prevent major organ damage. Need grooming or boarding? At Animal Medical Center & Spa we also offer complimentary exams and a stool checks whenever your pet is dropped of for grooming and boarding. Take advantage of this service to have your pet regularly examined and diagnosed for intestinal parasites.

Dental hygiene is very important to us as well. Our pets will also suffer periodontal diseases and lose their teeth due to decay if not properly cared for. At Animal Medical Center & Spa we are making a difference! We offer ultrasonic scaling and polishing to all of our pets 5 days a week. Drop off your pet as early as 7:00 a.m. Call us at (305)222-7387 or request an appointment at: . Dental cleanings are usually recommended every 3-12 months.

In a rush? No need to wait! Our drop-off service allows you to do your errands while we care for you pet. There is no extra charge for this service.